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Dolomite Microdol H100 Dolomitic Lime 25Kg

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Product information

Dolomite Lime fertiliser includes magnesium carbonate & calcium carbonate. Dolomitic lime can be used to correct magnesium deficiencies in soils and increases the pH of soils. 25kg bag of powdered dolomitic lime. Dolomite Lime Microdol H100 is suitable for fruit trees like apples & pears and acid loving plants like rhododendron.

When to use dolomite lime as a fertiliser

Apply dolomite lime when you want to increase the magnesium and the calcium in the soil at the same time. Dolomite Lime Microdol contains 21% magnesium and 30% calcium. Magnesium helps seed germination, flowering and fruiting. Calcium is essential for roots, stems and plant growth.

  • Dolomite lime fertiliser
  • Contains magnesium and calcium
  • Can be used to correct magnesium deficiencies
  • Increases pH

Technical specifications

21% MgO + 30% CaO

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