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Groworganic 100% Concentrated Organic Fertiliser

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Product information

Organic fertiliser for grass lawns, flowers, fruit and vegetables. Groworganic is a 100% Concentrated Organic Fertiliser, made in the UK for over 30 years. It improves soil condition and lightens clay soils, making them more friable. One bag of Groworganic organic fertiliser covers up to 210 square metres. Safe and weed free.

Using organic fertiliser

Sprinkle 70-100g per metre square of organic fertiliser on grass lawns and brush in with a garden broom. Add up to 200g per metre square to clay soils to lighten. Can also be used for seeding and transplant – see pack for details. One bag will treat over 200 square metres.

  • 100% concentrated organic fertiliser
  • Use for grass lawns, flowers, fruit and vegetables
  • Lightens clay soils
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • One bag covers up to 210m2

Technical specifications

Volume40 litres / approx. 15kg

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