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Osmocote Exact Std 8-9 Month 25kg

£140.49 with FREE delivery
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Product information

Osmocote exact std 8-9 month slow release
Osmocote exact standard 8 9m is from Osmocote's 3rd generation of controlled release fertilisers

  • It combines patterned release, consistency and safety
  • Osmocote exact standard 80p month copies plant growth, making the product extremely efficient and safe to use, also for pot plants
  • Product advantages
  • Controlled release fertiliser with all essential trace elements
  • Part of the granules are color-coded according to longevity
  • Very consistent product, every bag of product gives identical results
  • Excellent quality exceeds all other industry standards
  • Available in various release patterns according to crop requirements
  • Provides optimal plant growth
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Osmocote exact standard 8-9 months has a regular and continuous release
  • It is the best product to use under almost any circumstance
  • Its dependability and popularity make it the most preferred product in the ornamental market
  • The consistent release pattern is ideal for fast-growing conifers and evergreens