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Osmocote Professional Slow Release PrePlant Fertiliser 1kg

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Product information

Osmocote is a brand of slow release fertiliser that has been used by professionals for generations
  • Originally only available in 25 kg bags that made it very expensive if you are not going to use the entire bag or selling the plants that you grow
  • Now it is available in 1kg bags so that smaller growers can get the benefits as well
  • Osmocote pre-plant is a handy 1kg pack of pure power Osmocote fertiliser that provides full season nutrition for trees shrubs and plants from a tried and tested top brand fertiliser
  • Fully coated product ensures plants receive the feed they need, when they need it and with minimal leaching
  • Full trace element package with elevated levels
  • 100% Coated NPK, mg and trace elements, plants are supplied with all required nutrients to ensure strong establishment
  • High NPK content
  • Safe, reliable and easy to use
  • Labour saving - eliminates need for topdressing during the season
  • For use on a wide range of trees, shrubs and plants

Technical specifications

Analysis 16-11-10 + 2MgO + TE