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Sinclair Growmore Fertiliser 25kg

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Product information

Growmore fertiliser granules contain balanced NPK nutrients (7-7-7) for your garden plants. 25kg bag of Sinclair Growmore compound fertiliser for multi purpose use as a top dressing or dug into beds & borders. Suitable for flowers, vegetables and shrubs.

How to use Growmore fertiliser granules

Dig Growmore fertiliser granules into the soil once a month throughout the growing season. Use Growmore fertiliser at a rate of 70g/m2 for top dressing and flowers, 135g/m2 for vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs and borders and 210g/m2 for potatoes.

Multi purpose fertilisers can be used throughout the garden. They are general purpose fertilisers with balanced nitrogen, potassium and phosphate and this makes them suitable for a wide range of garden plants.

  • Growmore fertiliser granules
  • Compound fertiliser for multi purpose use
  • Apply as a top dressing or dig into improve soil condition
  • Contains balanced NPK nutrients (7-7-7)

Technical specifications


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