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Sulphate of Iron Fertiliser 25kg Bag

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Product information

Sulphate of Iron Fertiliser for conditioning lawns. Iron sulphate (or ferrous sulphate) blackens moss while at the same time making grass greener. As iron sulphate also reduces the alkalinity of soils, it is beneficial for ericaceous plants (azalea, camellia, rhododendron, etc).

How to use Sulphate of Iron as a fertiliser

Sinclair Sulphate of Iron can be applied as a fertiliser on lawns at a ratio of 35g/m2. It can be applied to the base of ericaceous plants or as a top dressing.

Iron sulphate can be applied by knapsack sprayer or with a boom sprayer. It can also be applied tow lawns using a garden spreader. Sprayers and spreaders are available on The Garden Superstore website.

  • Sulphate of Iron fertiliser for lawns
  • Ideal lawn conditioner – blackens moss and makes grass greener
  • Suitable for ericaceous plants – reduces alkalinity
  • Apply to the base of plants or as a top dressing
  • Iron sulphate is also known as ferrous sulphate

Technical specifications