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Sportsmaster Autumn Lawn Fertiliser 25kg

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Product information

A specialist autumn lawn fertiliser to prepare the lawn for harsh winter conditions. Sportsmaster Autumn is one of the best lawn fertilisers available. It has small granules for easy application over summer and into autumn (Jun-Oct). Sportsmaster Autumn contains water soluble phosphorous and potassium which encourage strong root development and resistance to cold weather conditions before winter begins. The slow release of NPK nutrients (4-12-12) lasts up to six weeks.

Using Sportsmaster Autumn lawn fertiliser

Apply Sportsmaster Autumn lawn fertiliser to grass at between 35g and 70g per meter square. The 25kg bag will cover an area of 357-714 m². Results will show within 7 days of applying lawn fertiliser.

  • Specialist autumn lawn fertiliser
  • Prepares lawn for harsh winter weather conditions
  • Contains water soluble phosphorous and potassium
  • Encourages strong root development
  • Slow release for up to 6 weeks

Technical specifications

Pack coverage357 - 714m²
Longevity6 Weeks
Turf response7 days
Pack size25kg
Granule size0.5-3.35mm