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Sportsmaster Spring & Summer Lawn Fertiliser 25kg

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Product information

Spring & Summer lawn fertiliser designed for rapid uptake by plants early in the growing season. Sportsmaster Spring & Summer has balanced NPK nutrients to feed lawns when they need it most. The granules dissolve within 4-5 days for immediate results (within a week) and the slow release of nutrients can last up to 6 weeks.

How to use Sportsmaster lawn fertiliser

Sportsmaster lawn fertiliser can be used during spring and summer (Apr-Sep). Apply to lawn at 35-70g per square metre. A 25kg bag will cover up to 714 square metres of grass.

  • Lawn fertiliser for early spring & summer feed
  • Balanced NPK nutrients (9-7-7)
  • Granules break down quickly (4-5 days)
  • Designed for rapid uptake by plants (within a week)
  • Slow release over six weeks

Technical specifications

Granule size0.5-3.35mm
Pack size25kg
Application rate35 - 70g/m²
Pack coverage357 - 714m²
Longevity6 weeks
Turf response7 days