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Viano Mo Bacter Moss Killer & Organic Lawn Fertiliser 10kg

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Product information

Viano Mo Bacter is a moss killer – a high potash fertiliser that acts on moss & reduces recurrence. Mo Bacter Moss Remover contains decomposing bacteria that break down dead matter (dead moss or grass cuttings) creating organic lawn feed.

Using Viano Mo Bacter as a lawn feed & moss killer

Apply Viano Mo Bacter between spring and autumn (Mar-Sep) as a combined lawn feed and moss killer. Use 100g-150g of lawn feed for every square metre of lawn. No raking is required. Mo Bacter Moss Remover does not stain patios or terraces near the lawn that is being treated (no black stains). Safe for children and pets. A 10kg bag of lawn feed is enough to fertiliser up to 100m2 of lawn.

  • Organic lawn feed
  • High potash fertiliser content removes moss (acts as a moss killer)
  • Added bacteria decompose any dead matter
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Use from spring through summer

Technical specifications

Bag Size7.5kg
Bag Coverage100m2
When to useMarch to October