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Melcourt Orchid Bark / Orchid Potting Medium 60lt

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Product information

Melcourt Orchid Bark™ or orchid medium for mixing into compost when growing orchids. Orchid bark mix is particularly porous, making it the ideal growing medium for orchid plants that need dry roots and air circulation to be healthy. Mix into your favourite orchid compost for added stability.

Using Orchid Bark

Orchids like dry roots and plenty of aeration around them. They need a well drained potting medium and Orchid Bark is perfect for this, providing them with chunky bark chips to hold onto and space to allow for drainage. The free structure of bark means that orchids do not get water logged.

  • Orchid bark for growing orchids
  • 5mm – 15mm pine bark chips from mixed sources (FSC Mix 50%)
  • Soil Association approved
  • Fine free chunky porous bark
  • Less than 1% dust and fines

Technical specifications

Bag size60 litres