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Empathy Mini Meadow Wild Flower Seed with Rootgrow 3m²

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Product information

Mini Meadow is the ideal way to achieve perfect habitat for pollinating insects (bees, bugs & butterflies), suitable for small and large gardens alike.
Pouch contains wild flower seeds, a soil conditioner and Rootgro mycorrhizal fungi.

Rootgrow™ contains UK grown mycorrhizal fungi which naturally increase nutrient and water uptake by forming a highly efficient secondary root system.
Left to their own devices plants can take a couple of years to find this fungi within the soil; using Rootgrow can give the plants a head start in a matter of a few weeks.

The flower seeds contained in mini meadow are all listed by the RHS as perfect for pollinators and include:
Yarrow, Corn Cockle, Cornflower, Common Knapweed, Foxglove, Viper’s Bugloss, Lady’s Bedstraw, Corn Marigold, Oxeye Daisey, Field Forget-me-not, Common Poppy, Selfheal, Meadow Buttercup, Red Campion, White Campion, Salad Burnet, Great Mullein.

  • Creates a natural habitat for pollinating bees, bugs and butterflies
  • Easy sow format includes vermiculite
  • All native Uk species of flowers
  • All flowers conform to the RHS guidelines 'RHS perfect for pollinators'
  • Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi helps in the establishment of plants and nutrient supply to enhance flowering

Technical specifications

Size500ml pouch - pack contains enough seed to cover an area of 3m²