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Gardman Seed Sower

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Product information

The Gardman seed sower, product code 16104, is a very simple device that aids the sowing of seeds, making it both easier and also saving waste
  • To use, the clear plastic lid is removed from the seed sower and the reservoir filled with seed
  • The dial can then be turned to select a suitable sized aperture for the seeds to be released into the shut
  • There are a total of five different seed sized settings and also a setting to completely close the sower
  • The shut has three ribs on it, which helps to slow down the seeds
  • This really is a very simple, but nifty and useful aid to seed sowing
  • The Gardman seed sower is ideal for easy and accurate sowing, has adjustable flow holes, for use with different sized seeds, and reduces seed wastage, thereby saving money
  • Seed sower dimensions: total length 12
  • 5cm