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Grazers G1 Amenity Rabbits, Pigeons, Deer & Geese Repellent 1lt

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Rabbits and pigeons particularly are a major problem worldwide and are responsible for up to 100 million worth of damage a year in UK agriculture alone
  • Most damage is caused to cereals, but they also eat grass and can ruin a grass ley during establishment
  • 10 Rabbits eat an equivalent amount as 1 sheep! Grazers is an effective solution to an enormous problem on farms
  • In a very competitive market it is imperative to maximise returns from every hectare
  • Grazers can be sprayed at any growth stage effectively , though it lasts longest when applied to young plants while the crop is actively growing e.G.
  • Spring/early summer and early autumn
  • A headland spray (min 24m boom) is generally sufficient, unless the pest is already eating into the field
  • Where pigeons are the main problem it is possible to spot treat weaker areas most at risk from damage particularly in late winter early spring thus giving the crop a break and helping it to recover to a point where its not at risk
  • Modules / transplants modules are extremely vulnerable to damage and we have found recently that a double rate is required twice before planting with a knapsack, just allowing the foliage to dry between applications, followed by a further field application post planting
  • Note while we don't endorse tank mixing with grazers it may be helpful when spraying brassica to add a drop of washing up liquid to a knapsack sprayer to aid absorption
  • Game cover we have had very positive feedback regarding the use of grazers on game covers and where game birds come out onto rape and CE real crops
  • Again using a headland strip is most cost effective
  • Hardy nursery stock: grazers can be sprayed at any stage of growth and works best on actively growing healthy plants
  • Whilst grazers is systemic, irrigation and/or prolonged rain will reduce how long it remains effective