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PlantGrow Natural Slug & Snail Barrier 3lt

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Product information

Award winning PlantGrow Natural Slug & Snail Barrier is created through a unique and natural process called anaerobic digestion and is produced purely from plants which are then super-dried. It is this rough, dry surface which deters molluscs from feeding on susceptible plants.
Environmentally friendly; it provides an effective non-toxic barrier to slug and snails without harming them, thus continuing to provide a food source to beneficial wildlife. Slug & Snail Barrier will biodegrade over time, providing a natural source of nutrients to your soil.

Not suitable for use on freshly sown seeds and small seedlings.

*Organic approved by the Soil Association*

  • 100% Chemical-free, Natural, Organic & Vegan
  • Made from plants
  • Natural mulch-like appearance
  • Peat-free
  • Improves soil & compost health
  • Molluscs remain unharmed, thus continuing to provide an important food source to wildlife
  • Safe for the birds, bees, insects, animals, and children

Technical specifications

Size3 litre box

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