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MealybugsMealybugs are related to aphids and feed by sucking plant sap, causing direct feeding damage by production of honeydew and sooty moulds. They usually affect greenhouse and indoor plants. These little suckers are talented at finding hard to reach parts of the plant, such as leaf axils, on which to dwell.

Finding a fluffy white substance, particularly on sheltered parts of a plant, is a sign of mealybugs. Black areas of sooty mould are often down to these troublesome trespassers as well. If a plant with mealybugs is neglected is may have stunted or distorted growth and will be prone to leaf drop.

Help is not far away in the form of a little species of ladybird whose larvae devour mealyworms. Our range of Fightameal A vials contain either adults which lay eggs and produce the larvae that combat mealyworms, or the larvae themselves.