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Spider MitesSpider mites, also known as two spotted spider mite or Tetranychus urticae, are a common pest of greenhouse plants and crops. The mites suck the contents out of plant cells and produce characteristic leaf damage of white or silvery speckled patches. Almost all greenhouse crops and soft fruit are vulnerable to infestation.

Spider Mites are difficult to see without a microscope, they often live underneath leaves and are only active when it is warm. The best way to find out if your garden has them is to look for the damage rather than the mite. Look out for leaf discoloration; at first the leaves have fine speckling where the cells have died and then a pattern of mottling.

There are two types of friendly predatory mite that can battle spider mites. Choose one of the products below to learn more about which you should enlist to eradicate these pesky plant pirates in your greenhouse.
Red Spider Mite - 5 ITEMS