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Predatory Mites to Control Red Spider Mites - 2000 mites

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Product information


Phytoline is a biological control that contains a predatory mite called Phytoseiulus persimilis. It is a well-known predator that eats large numbers of two spotted mite/spider mites. Phytoline is a standard treatment for professional growers and used in treatments for tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and ornamentals among others.

How it works

Both adult and young stages of Phytoline mites will feast on all two-spotted spider mite life stages.

How to use

Phytoline is effective at wide temperature range above 14ºC and can also be used outdoors. If temperatures reach higher than 30ºC, the spider mite growth rate will be larger and quicker than the predator so aim to keep temperature below 30ºC.

There will be less activity at low light levels but that will not affect the process to much.

Distribute mites evenly across leaves infested with spider mite.

  • Phytoline P (Phytoseiulus persimilis) Organic Red Spider Mite Pest Control 2000 Mite 500ml Bottle

Technical specifications

Pack SizeIn vermiculite, 500ml bottle, vented lid, 2000 mite
Species controlledTetranychus spp. (two spotted spider mite).
When to useIntroduce when pest levels are low, but cannot establish in the absence of spider mites (Tetranychus spp) Deliver best levels of control in warm, relatively humid conditions but is less effective in hot, dry conditions.
Rates of use5 to 10 mites per m². Increase rates when pest levels are higher.