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Predatory Mites to Control Red Spider Mites - 25,000 mites

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Product information

Anderline is a biological control that contains a predatory mite called Amblyseius Andersoni. It feeds on types of small prey and pollen as is widely used for Spider Mites, Broad Mites, Cyclamen Mite, Carmine Mite, Tomato Russet/Rust Mite and European Red Mite. It will also eat Thrips Larvae and Pollen. Anderline is a popular treatment for professional growers and used for cucumbers and ornamentals and is best used as a preventative control.

How it works

Predatory mite preys on eggs, larval and adult stages of a range of mite species. Able to survive on pollen, fungal spores and plant sap in absence of prey and hence can be applied preventatively. Survives high and low temperature but lower humidity limits development.

How to use

Anderline is effective at wide temperature range above 6ºC but below 40ºC. Effective at lower temperatures.

There will be less activity at low light levels but that will not affect the process to much.

Distribute mites evenly across leaves infested with spider mite. Make sure you open the shipping box of sachets within the crop. Then you need to separate sachets by tearing along the perforations. Stick one sachet into each propagation tray, pot or shuttle tray and place sachet stick into the plug tray or pot/rockwool cube and have sachet sit approximately 1/8” above the growing media. The mites will emerge for 4 to 8 weeks.

  • Anderline AA (Amblyseius andersoni) In Bran 25,000 Organic Red Spider Mite Pest Control

Technical specifications

Pack SizeIn bran/vermiculite, 25 000 mite, 1 litre tube
Species controlledGlasshouse spider mite and other spider mite species.
When to usePreventatively. The slow release sachets allow release over a 6 week period from a breeding colony. Also available in sprinkler tubes.
Rates of useOne twin sachet per 1m²