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For the control of Sciarid FlySciarid flies are annoying little pests that you'll notice hopping over the surface of the soil. The adult flies can spread fungal diseases but most of the damage is done by the larvae (young) chomping on plant roots, which makes plants vulnerable to several diseases.

How do you get rid of these troublesome garden trespassers? We've got some tiny garden heroes to come and save the day. There are three main natural methods for sciarid flies, a predatory mite, nematodes and the rove beetle.

The mite and rove beetle crawl into crevices where nematodes can't reach, to feast on the pests. Nematodes are more effective if the sciarid population is high and you're noticing a lot of issues within the soil.

Our friendly little predators are simple to release and effective. Each work similarly, click on a product below to learn more about how to utilise them in your garden.
Sciarid Fly - 6 ITEMS