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Nematodes to Control Sciarid Fly & Leather Jackets - 50 Million Pack

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Product information

Exhibitline SF contains the insect pathogenic nematode, Steinernema feltiae. Nematodes can be used for the control of sciarid fly e.g. fungus gnat larvae and Western Flower thrips on ornamental plants.

How it works

Exhibitline nematodes swim freely through moist compost (but they can drown if waterlogged), they are attracted to insect larvae and enter the body where a pellet of bacteria is released that kills the pest organism. Exhibitline can control Bradysia spp. and other compost / soil living pests such as larvae / pupae where nematodes can enter the host body. Can also be used as a foliar spray for Western Flower Thrips, leafminer and scale insect control. Best used Generally as a curative treatment or programmed application for plants. The best temperature range once released is 12°C to 25°C.

How to use

Once nematodes have been mixed with water, use them immediately. The effectiveness may be improved by adding a wetting agent and try to apply them in high humidity conditions for foliar applications. Ensure your nozzle is open at least one millimetre. Remove all fine filters (less than one millimetre), including those in the nozzles, from the sprayer. Remove filters in spray system. For ornamentals under cover, spray onto soil around plant roots and after growing media application, the treated area should be lightly irrigated from above to wash the nematodes into the growing media. Do not soak the growing media causing the nematodes to wash out of the pots.

  • Exhibitline SF (Steinernema feltiae) Organic Sciarid Fly Pest Control 50 Million Pack

Technical specifications

Pack Size50 Million
Species controlledSciarid Fly and other compost / soil living pests
When to useGenerally, as a curative treatment or programmed application for each batch of plants. The temperature range is 12°C to 25°C.
Rates of use0.5 to 1 million per m² as a compost drench.