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Oriline L - Predatory Bug to Control Thrips x 500 (250ml bottle)

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Product information

Identifying Thrips

Two species of thrips are commonly found on protected crops: Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) and Onion or Tobacco Thrips (Thrips tabaci). Larvae and adults pierce the leaf surface and suck out cell contents causing extensive 'silvering'.
Western Flower Thrips can also transmit Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus on chrysanthemums and many other crops. Other species of thrips are also being found, particularly on specimen plants.

How it works

Oriline contains a predatory bug called Orius that is used for the control of thrips and other soft bodied insects such as aphids. Orius is a standard preventive treatment for thrips, particularly Western Flower Thrips. They often kill far more thrips than they need, to reach maturity. Orius is the only biological control agent that kills adult thrips and they Can kill up to 80 adult thrips per day (while only feeding on a few). All five Orius nymph stages are also predatory and adults can fly. Considered a generalist predator it will also feed on mites, moth eggs and other pests. It can take 4 to 8 weeks to establish a population.

How to use

Apply in cool morning or evening and avoid application in bright sunlight. Open bottle whilst keeping it horizontal to ensure bugs stay well mixed in the carrier. Distribute the contents evenly onto leaves throughout crop, by gently shaking and rotating the bottle, it is best to make four smaller introductions each week to create overlapping Orius. Store at 6-10°C / 43-50°F and keep out of direct sunlight. Use within 18 hours of receipt.

  • Oriline L (Orius laevigatus ) 250 ml Bottle (500) Organic Thrips Pest Control

Technical specifications

Pack Size250ml bottle (500)
Species controlledOrius will attack all stages of thrips on plants. O. laevigatus performs well on a wide range of plants and crops, particularly those with pollen producing flowers.
When to useIdeal to control established thrips populations on a range of plants and can be used alongside other biologicals.
Rates of use0.5 to 1 per m² every 2 weeks until established and pests are controlled.