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Predatory Mites to Control Thrips - 50,000 mites container

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Product information

Identifying Thrips

Two species of thrips are commonly found on protected crops: Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) and Onion or Tobacco Thrips (Thrips tabaci). Larvae and adults pierce the leaf surface and suck out cell contents causing extensive 'silvering'.
Western Flower Thrips can also transmit Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus on chrysanthemums and many other crops. Other species of thrips are also being found, particularly on specimen plants.

How it works

Ambyline contains predatory mites (Amblyseius cucumeris) that feed on young thrips larvae. These mites will control most thrips species and also control Tarsonemid mite (good control on cyclamen and strawberry) and broad mite. Always use preventatively on peppers, cucumbers, pot and bedding plants, strawberries and cyclamen.
The formulation is carefully designed to increase the number of predatory Amblyseius cucumeris mites that are released onto the crop each day. Total Cucumeris mite development time at 24°C/75°F is 6-9 days. This development time complements the lifecycle of Western Flower Thrips and the optimum temperature range for Cucumeris mites is 66-80°F with humidity between 65%-75%. The beneficial mites feed on first larval stage and cannot attack larger larvae or adults.

How to use

Keep containers horizontal and cool until use. Do not expose to direct sunlight at any time. Immediately before opening, gently rotate the container to distribute mites evenly throughout the carrier material. Open each container in the crop when ready to use. Keep out of direct intense sunlight. Transport and store at 10-15°C / 50-59°F and > 65% humidity. Use within 18 hours of receipt.

  • Amblyline CU (Amblyseius cucumeris) Organic Thrips Pest Control 50,000 Mites

Technical specifications

Pack SizeIn bran/vermiculite, 50 000 mites in 1 litre tube
Species controlledMost thrips species. Also controls tarsonemid and broad mites.
When to useAlways use preventatively or at the first sign of the pest or pest damage.
Rates of useShaker bottle: 50 - 250 mites per m². Controlled Release System (CRS) / Gemini sachet: 1 sachets per 1 - 2 m² or one sachet per plant.