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For the control of Vine WeevilBlack vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) is a major pest in gardens, they enjoy eating ornamental plants and other fruiting plants such as strawberries. Half moon shaped leaf notches around the edge of leaves indicates damage by adult weevils, once you've spotted this, the egg laying begins. While adult vine weevils cause more cosmetic damage, the real damage is done by their hungry little youngsters!

Vine weevil overwinter in the soil as larvae and become active once the soil begins to warm up in spring. Once the larvae are active, they're hungry and looking for plant roots, corms and fleshy stems to eat, which causes extensive damage.

All adults are female and approximately 10mm long. When they're not busy eating, they're laying up to 1000 eggs between June and October, however, this can be longer for plants under protection. It takes several months to reach maturity, resulting in one cycle per year on outdoor crops but multiple generations may occur on heated crops.

So how can you protect your plants from becoming larvae lunch? Simple, with the help of a parasitic soil dwelling superhero, the humble nematode. Once the nematodes have been applied, they get straight to work by entering the natural body openings or penetrating the pest cuticle of the Vine Weevil larvae. Once they get in, they release bacteria which develop within the pest causing it to die of septicaemia.

Our friendly little predators are simple to release and effective. Each work similarly, click on a product below to learn more about how to utilise them in your garden.
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