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Nematodes for Natural Control of Vine Weevil & Chafer Grub - 6 Million Pack

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Product information

Under the right conditions Exhibitline HB (Heterorhabditis spp.) may be faster to act than Nemasys L, this subject to the right environment. Exhibitline HB is a curative treatment for Vine Weevil pest control if the temperatures remain above 12ºC. Vine weevil larvae turn a bright red colour when infected with Exhibitline HB.

How to identify Vine Weevil

Vine Weevil larvae, which are white, legless grubs with a brown head, feed on the roots of your plants which will cause the plant to die as a result.

Adult Vine Weevil are long, dull black beetles. They have dark yellow markings on their wing cases and are roughly 9mm long.
The adults will eat away at the leaves leaving odd shaped notches of leaf margins in the summer season.

How Exhibitline HB works

Exhibitline HB is an organic control of the Vine Weevil pest. It should be used to treat the larvae of Vine Weevil. Exhibitline HB consists of a beneficial Nematode (juveniles) species.

Nematodes are applied through irrigation systems and provide a fast and effective control of Black Vine Weevil. After Exhibitline HB has been applied, they will get straight to work by entering the natural body openings or penetrating the pest cuticle of the Vine Weevil larvae. Once they get in, they release bacteria. Bacteria develop within the insect and it dies of septicaemia. The Nematodes will reproduce inside the body of the Vine Weevil larvae which begins a cycle until the nematodes run out of a host pest.

Exhibitline H can treat the following:

• Black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus)
• Strawberry root weevil (Otiorynchus ovatus)
• Chafer grub (Phyllopertha horticola)

How to use

Use Exhibitline HB immediately upon receipt or store in a 5ºC fridge for no more than 2 days and use it when Vine Weevil larvae are present. Apply to plants in moist soil or growing medium. Avoid application in direct sunlight and ensure there is plenty of water in the soil to make sure the root ball is treated properly. Aim to apply in the evening.

Chafer grub: In accordance with the Garden Chafer life cycle - when the larvae are close to the soil surface and when the soil surface is above 12°C. Typically treat from August to September. Later applications and the larvae may be too deep to be targeted and soil temperatures too low. Apply to wet ground (irrigate if required and afterwards). Nematodes must pass through the thatch layer and into the soil and need to be kept moist for 2 - 3 weeks. Nematodes are sensitive to sunlight so apply late in the day. Damage prevention will be noted the following spring when most damage is usually seen.

Technical specifications

ContainsExhibitline Hb (Heterorhabditis bacteriophora) - 6 million nematodes
Species controlledVine weevil and chafer grub
When to useAutumn and spring are the main seasons for nematode application, although additional treatments may be needed for heated or protected crops. It is important that the soil or compost is kept moist but not waterlogged during treatment. Ensure soil or compost temperatures are between 12°C and 30°C
Rates of UseOne pack of 6 million nematodes treats 12m²

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