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For the control of WhiteflyWhitefly are dastardly garden pests that consume huge amounts, considering their tiny size! They suck the sap from plants and excrete it back onto plants as honeydew, which encourages the production of black sooty mould. Whitefly can also transmit diseases from plant to plant.

The presence of whitefly is indicated by white scales on the underside of the leaves and quite often a white cloud of flies will take to the air if an infested plant is touched. They are commonly found in greenhouses but there is also another species that can be found outdoors on vegetables such as cabbages.

Adults are usually found laying eggs on underside of the youngest leaves. Newly hatched larvae are mobile for a few hours before settling as immobile 'scales' where they suck plant sap like voracious plant vampires.

To stop these sap suckers, we recommend tiny garden helpers in the form of parasitic wasps, these harmless wasps lay their eggs inside the larvae 'scales' and hatch out of the dead whitefly after a period of time. For indoor/greenhouse kept plants, we recommend using sticky insect traps to monitor for the presence of whitefly before moving onto Encarsia cards (parasitic wasps).

Our friendly little predators are simple to release and effective. Click on a product below to learn more about how to utilise them in your garden.
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