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Sticky Insect Trap Yellow x 25 - for Aphids, Leafminer, Sciarid, Thrips and Whitefly

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Product information

Yellow Sticky Traps basically do what it says on the tin!

Just hang these around your greenhouse or conservatory and wait for the trap to do the work. You'll need to change these regularly as they can get dirty quite quickly.

Once your pest is stuck, it will die of starvation and dehydration. Hang vertically facing south to trap adult winged aphids, leafhopper and whitefly.

Place traps horizontally, sticky side up (i.e flat) to trap adult sciarid (fungus gnat), scatella fly (shore fly), adult leafminer and flee beetle.

Yellow sticky traps will cover majority of pests in the greenhouse, use blue sticky traps for trapping thrips.

  • These traps have a dry glue covered with paper sheet preventing traps sticking together in the pack
  • Traps remain sticky until covered in dust or dead insects
  • When monitoring replace regularly - usually every 4 weeks
  • Dry glue allows insects recording with a pen on each trap
  • For easy monitoring of insects, traps can be cut up and the paper removed in sections

Technical specifications