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Nemasys L - Organic Vine Weevil Pest Control 50 Million Pack

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Product information

Nemasys L - A curative treatment for use in temperatures above 5ºC.

How to identify Vine Weevil

Vine Weevil larvae, which are white, legless grubs with a brown head, feed on the roots of your plants which will cause the plant to die as a result.

Adult Vine Weevil are long, dull black beetles. They have dark yellow markings on their wing cases and are roughly 9mm long.
The adults will eat away at the leaves leaving odd shaped notches of leaf margins in the summer season.

How Nemasys L works

Nemasys is an organic control of the Vine Weevil pest. It should be used to treat the larvae of Vine Weevil. Nemasys is a beneficial Nematode species. They are a microscopic worm-like organism.
The nematode worms seek vine weevil larvae in moist soil and compost, larger weevil grubs are more easily located. Nematodes enter the weevil larvae and release a small pellet of bacteria that kills the host after a few days. The parasitic worms begin to reproduce, releasing several thousand more juvenile infective nematodes able to find and kill further weevil grubs.

How to use

Store in a 5ºC fridge for no more than expiry date specifies and use it when Vine Weevil larvae are present. Apply to plants in moist soil or growing medium. Avoid application in direct sunlight and ensure there is plenty of water in the soil to make sure the root ball is treated properly. Aim to apply in the evening.

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  • Nemasys L (Steinernema kraussei)

Technical specifications

Pack Size50 million treats 100m²
Species controlledBlack vine weevil larvae (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) and other soil living larvae.
When to useAutumn and spring are the main seasons for nematode application, although additional treatments may be needed for heated or protected crops. It is important that the soil or compost is kept moist but not waterlogged during treatment.
Rates of useContainer plants: The 50 million pack treats up to 100m². Open ground treatments: The 50 million pack treats up to 50m².