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Garland G65 Small Aqua Lock Hanging Self Watering Hanging Baskets

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Product information

The Garland small aqua lock self watering hanging plastic baskets, through its self-watering system, saves plants, saves water and saves time and effort
  • This sturdy, plastic hanging basket uses a built in water reservoir to help take the effort out of keeping hanging baskets watered
  • Traditional hanging basket watering wastes as much as 80% of the water through spillage
  • The unique design of the aqua lock hanging baskets, made by Garland, features a twist lock detachable water reservoir connected to the basket via a capillary wick
  • This helps to eliminate the age old problem that hanging baskets always suffer from; drying out
  • As they are in effect containers, hanging baskets are dried out by the sun in summer and also the wind has a considerable effect on them
  • Once the compost has dried out in a hanging basket it can be very difficult to moisten again
  • The Garland aqua lock self watering hanging baskets help to prevent drying out in the first place and can save a considerable amount of summer watering
  • The basket can be lined with almost any liner, such as moss or jute liners, but a hole must either be cut or left at the bottom of the basket to allow the wick to work