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Vegetable Patio Planters - Plain

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Product information

It�s so easy to grow your own vegetables with the haxnick's vegetable patio planters
  • They have been specially designed for use on patios, balconies and in small gardens, where there�s not enough room for a vegetable patch
  • Each pack of vegetable patio planters contains three planters of different depths deep, medium and shallow to accommodate different types of vegetable and salad plants
  • They are accompanied by a detailed growing guide that includes a list of varieties suitable for each container and how many to plant in each
  • For organic veggies, simply use organic compost and seed
  • Made from a tough, woven polyethylene
  • Light sage green in colour
  • The vegetable patio planters come with reinforced drainage holes and handles on each side so they can be easily moved
  • They are simple to use, re-usable and fold flat for easy, space-saving storage
  • Planter 1 - height 45cm (18in), width 35cm (14in), capacity approx
  • 40 Litres
  • Planter 2 - height 30cm (12in), width 40cm (16in), capacity approx
  • 35 Litres
  • Planter 3 - height 25cm (10in), width 45cm (18in), capacity approx
  • 38 Litres