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Square Black Plant Saucer 33cm

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Product information

These square black plant saucers, or drip dishes as they are often called, are made from a tough and durable dark black coloured plastic
  • These plant saucers are designed to fit square plant pots and their use provides a host of benefits, to both the plants and grower. The primary function of a plant saucer is providing protection to surfaces from water damage
  • However, they are also excellent for promoting root growth, which is encouraged by watering at the base of the plant
  • Furthermore, precise watering can be applied as water uptake can be monitored, thereby preventing both under watering and overwatering
  • Liquid feeds can also be added to water and provided via the plant saucer
  • These 25cm square black plant saucers are made from a non-brittle plastic, maintain their colour and are durable enough to last many, many years under normal use

Technical specifications

Top Diameter33cm
Internal Base Diameter25cm