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Rootit Natural Rooting Sponges - 50 Refill Bag

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Product information

The Rootit Natural Rooting Sponges are not only very simple, clean and easy to use but they also produce outstanding results
  • This pack is a 50 refill bag, intended for use with the rooting sponge propagator kit or they can be used on their own in a bed or perlite or vermiculite
  • Rootit Natural Rooting Sponges are a breakthrough in organic technology
  • These rooting sponges are based on a mixture of peat and bark bonded together with plant derived biodegradable polymers that allow the product to biodegrade once you have discarded it
  • These sponges offer faster more vigorous rooting, with reduced plant shock, and superior absorption of nutrients, easily maintaining the perfect water/air ratio
  • They also contain micronutrients and beneficial microbes to aid germination
  • The Rootit Natural Rooting Sponges can be used for both seed sowing and also propagating plants
  • They have a hole within a hole, in that seeds sit at the first depth, whereas cuttings can be pushed through somewhat deeper in the plug, thereby gripping and supporting the cutting
  • Once fully rooted, the rooting sponges are simply removed from the propagator tray and replanted into your chosen media, complete
  • Replanting the entire sponge reduces growth check and allows the plants to get a good start in the new growing medium
  • In tests with cuttings, this media rooted two days quicker than its closest rival
  • This Rootit Natural Rooting Sponges - 50 refill bag is a great, no mess and no fuss propagation media that provides excellent results every time