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Rootit Propagation Heat Mat Small

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Product information

The Rootit propagation heat matt is a horticultural heat mat that is designed to economically warm the root area to improve seed germination and the rooting of cuttings
  • Heat mats are an invaluable aid in starting seeds and cuttings off much earlier and enable the propagation of plants that require higher temperatures
  • Rootit heat mats offer more uniform heating than other horticultural heat mats on the market
  • This is due to the intricate pattern of fine wire that runs throughout its fully waterproof, fray-proof layers
  • The heat mat is designed to raise the rooting area temperatures approximately 5
  • 5-11C over the ambient temperature
  • Further heat increases can be gained by placing the heat mat on an insulating surface rather than a cold floor
  • Furthermore, covering the plant tray with a propagator lid will also keep the root area warmer and maintain humidity for better germination and rooting
  • The Rootit propagation heat mats speeds up the germination and striking of cuttings by several days and allows much earlier sowing and growing by providing a gentle, reliable heat source
  • Rootit propagation heat mats can be used on their own or combined with a Rootit heat mat thermostatic controller to provide complete temperature control

Technical specifications

Measurments25cm x 35cm
Wattage9 Watts