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Rootit Rooting Gel - 150ml

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Product information

The Rootit rooting gel, aids in taking successful cuttings, and is an amazing rooting gel for softwood and semi-hardwood plant cuttings, and can root cuttings in as little as three days
  • The rooting gel has been especially designed and formulated for use with propagation plugs and blocks
  • It aids the early and successful propagation of cuttings, in as little as three days, with no visible wilt, more root development and happy stress-free clones from day one! Just 1 ml or less is sufficient to ensure rooting of softwood cuttings
  • The gel contains indole butyric acid and other active ingredients to ensure effective rooting and healthy root growth
  • This fantastic product comes in a gel that stays firm in your plug replacing the need for hormone rooting powder
  • The Rootit rooting gel provides for the successful propagation and cloning of plants, and is very quick and easy to use, and is supplied in a pre-prepared paste format
  • Size: 150ml