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Rootit Value Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit

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Product information

The Rootit value rooting sponge propagation kit is an absolutely fabulous piece of kit and provides everything that you need, in one handy kit, to either sow seeds or take cuttings of your favourite plants
  • This value rooting sponge propagation kit, from Rootit, comprises a propagator waterproof base and clear top, with ventilation slide
  • Into the propagator, the 24 cellinsert tray fits, this is supplied complete with 24 Rootit Natural Rooting Sponges
  • These sponges will accept either plant cuttings or seeds and are an excellent growing medium
  • To further complete this propagation set, samples of Rootit's gel4plugs rooting gel and first feed, seedling feed are included
  • Furthermore, there is a comprehensive mini 'how to' guide on plant propagation, packed with handy hints and tips
  • This propagator can be reused, ad infinitum, with the purchase of additional rooting sponges and, if required, rooting gel
  • The Rootit value rooting sponge propagation kit is a very comprehensive propagation kit, providing in one handy pack everything required to successfully take, and root, cuttings or raise sow and raise strong seedlings
  • This really is a fantastic all in one kit
  • Propagation kit dimensions: 36cm high, 23
  • 5cm wide, and 17.5cm height