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Vitax Summer Cloud Greenhouse Shading - 250ml

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Product information

Vitax summer cloud is a greenhouse sunshade paint that gives the grower the ability to control the amount of sunlight entering the greenhouse and can be used as an aid to reduce heat during the summer months
  • The long lasting formula is recommended for use on glass surfaces but may be used on acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces where a more permanent shading is desired
  • Instructions for use: apply from april to august
  • Apply to a dry surface
  • Dilute summer cloud greenhouse sunshade to a ratio of 1:8 with water (250ml product in 2 litres of water)
  • Apply to to the exterior glass surface with a sprayer or paint brush and start application at the top of the greenhouse and work down from the appex
  • If using on acrylic or polycarbonate surfaces, apply to small test area to ensure that the product can be removed
  • Do not apply if rain is forecast within 12-24 hours of application
  • Vitax summer cloud greenhouse shading can be removed using a soft cloth togther with a small amount of washing up liquid in water
  • The 250ml bottle, which produces 2 litres when diluted, is sufficient to treat a 8 x 6 ft greenhouse