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Spear & Jackson Blade Sharpener

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Product information

The Spear & Jackson blade sharpener, 4053BS, is a very handy sharpener for touching up the blade on secateurs and loppers
  • It is a small, lightweight all in one sharpener and a good garden tool to keep in the tool shed, next to the secateurs!
  • This Spear & Jackson blade sharpener has a durable tungsten carbide sharpening blade
  • It also features a removable oil-soaked sponge for extra rust protection and a durable, lightweight body with non-slip grip
  • Perhaps most importantly, it also has a finger guard that safeguards fingers when sharpening
  • For those looking for a sharpener that is quick, easy to use and effective the Spear & Jackson blade sharpener is just the job
  • Sharpening instructions for a pair of secateurs or loppers: Secure the tool to be sharpened in a vice or on a firm surface with the edge to be sharpened facing up, position the carbide insert, which has a "-" sign on the blade, against the edge to be sharpened, press down firmly and pull towards you, from one end of the tool to the other, usually 3 or 4 strokes is sufficient, remove the oil soaked sponge from the sharpener's handle and wipe the anti-rust oil on the blade to prevent from rusting. These instructions are re-printed on the back of the sharper's packaging