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Black 13.5cm T Shaped Plant Labels x 10

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Product information

13.5cm T shaped plant labels are a good choice for those who want a 'stand out' plastic plant label with plenty of writing room
The 13.5cm T shape plant labels are made from recycled plastic and can be used as a normal plant label and written upon, or can also be used in conjunction with the other coloured labels in this range, to quickly and easily colour code sowings and seedlings. T shaped plant labels stand higher than the traditional stick-in plant labels, meaning that they can often be a better choice where larger seedlings are grown. The main benefit, however, is that the writing area is considerably larger and can be more easily ready. These coloured plant labels are ideal for those who not only want to put on the plant or seedling information but, perhaps, also dates, care instructions and watering guides. Made from strong plastic these labels can be simply inserted into either into the ground, seed trays or plant pots

Technical specifications

Plant labels length13.5cm
Writing area5.5 X 3.5cm