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Berthoud Boostair Mistblower 16L

£750.00 with FREE delivery
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Product information

Mistblower 16 litres essential for all intensive treatment at heights or over large surface areas
  • The Mistblower is the essential tool for all professionals who wish to carry out with maximum efficiency plant protection treatment for a variety of crops (market garden crops, orchards, forests, vineyards), all sorts of plantations (citrus fruits, bananas, pineapples, cocoa, coffee, tea, cotton) and also the disinfection of buildings (stables, cowsheds, storage areas etc,
  • Boats, containers, railway trucks etc
  • Reservoir: translucent reservoir (plant protection products) with graduated gauge, capacity 16 l
  • Large diameter filling hole: 160mm with filter
  • Robust side handles for easy handling
  • Spray nozzle: spray nozzle (for liquid products) with 6-position adjuster system for 6 different out put values lance tube
  • Adjustable-length lance tube
  • Adaptable extensions and bends
  • Exit curved to 90 for easier handling and storage comfortable back support
  • Particularly comfortable to carry: padded back support, easily-adjustable wide carrying straps
  • Centre of gravity of the apparatus close to that of the user
  • Main technical characteristics - two-stroke single cylinder motor
  • Capacity: 80cc - power: 5 horsepower
  • Maximum rotation speed (rpm): 6,900
  • Capacity of liquid products reservoir: 16 l
  • Capacity of fuel reservoir: 4.2 L
  • Fuel: unleaded petrol + 4% oil
  • Ergonomic control handle including all functions (stop/start, accelerator)
  • Sound level at 1 m: 68db
  • Performance maximum horizontal range (liquids): 15 m
  • Maximum air speed: 130 mps
  • Maximum air volume: 1,044 m3 per hour
  • Standard equipment delivered with technical manual, spark-plug wrench and screwdriver optional accessories protective goggles, ear muffs, powder kit