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Dosatron Portable D3Gl-2 Inline Fertiliser Irrigation Injector

£866.88 with FREE delivery
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Product information

This listing is for the complete Dosatron portable unit that includes:
  • The Dosatron G3GL-2 Greenline unit
  • The portable trolley
  • The 25 litre holding barrel
  • Dosatron international non electric proportional dispenser is an ingeniously simple system which has proved its worth in over a hundred countries
  • A universal principle: installed directly in the water supply line, the dispenser operates without electricity, using water pressure as the power source
  • Set one on a water pipe and leave it
  • Its as simple as that
  • On its way through, the water activates the dispenser, which takes up the required percentages of concentrate direct from the container
  • Inside the dispenser, the concentrate is mixed with the water and the water pressure forces the solution downstream
  • Once set, the dispenser requires no further attention, leaving you free to get on with other things
  • The dose concentrate will always be strictly proportional to the volume of the water entering the dispenser, whatever variations in flow or pressure may occur in the main line
  • The dispensers high metering accuracy eliminates any risk of overdosing, thus helping to safeguard the environment
  • Tech spec: dosage rate: 0.2 - 2%, flow rate lt/h: 10 - 3000, operating pressure bar: 0.3 - 6 (4.3 - 85 Psi), pipe connection size: 3/4" bsp female, max temperature: 40c, weight: 13kg