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Hozelock Medium Car Cleaning Brush Plus

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Product information

The Hozelock medium car cleaning brush plus, 2604, is a specially designed brush for cleaning family size cars and motor bikes
  • The handle on this brush means that it is particularly good at reaching some of the harder to get to places, such as the middle of the car roof
  • The medium car cleaning brush plus features an easy reach head, covered with soft nylon bristles, to provide scratch free cleaning
  • The head can be swivelled and locked into position, it can be locked into seven different positions including horizontal and vertical
  • There is an integral tank that can be filled with car shampoo, the setting of which can be anything from off to fully on
  • The brush is flow through, meaning that clean water can be constantly supplied to the brush head
  • This is again regulated allowing the water to be switched off or the flow controlled
  • The the Hozelock medium car cleaning brush plus is a great brush for cleaning cars, producing a better and much quicker finish than can be achieved with the traditional bucket and sponge!