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August Jobs

Find out what to do in your garden now.


Ornamental garden:
  • Continue to deadhead, especially dahlias which should be looking great by now.
  • Weed – shouldn’t be too much of this but its best to keep on top of it.
  • Keep the lawn mown and edges cut – due to dry weather you may need to raise the height of the cut if you want to keep your lawn green.
  • Trim hedges – now the birds have finished nesting, it's time to get your hedges back in order
  • Water – Any plants that are looking a bit tired and are wilting need a drink. If they look bad then water immediately, and then top up later in the day when its cooler.
  • If you have any meadow areas, then these should be cut and the hay raked asap.
  •  Spray and feed roses.
  • Plant out autumn flowering bulbs eg colchicum.
  • Remove lavender stalks and trim bush leaving some green fresh foliage.
  • Order spring flowering bulbs.
  • Ensure camellias have sufficient water to ensure flowers for next year.
  • Clip evergreen shrubs
  • Prune current seasons growth of wisteria back to 5-6 leaves.
  • Mow summer flowering meadows.

Vegetable Garden:
  • Harvest garlic
  • Sow oriental greens such as mizuna and mibuna, pak choi etc.
  • Harvest early apples.
  • Start lifting main crop potatoes.
  • Summer prune trained fruit such as espalier apples, pears etc.
  • Trim non-flowering stems of grapes cutting back to one leaf from the main branch.

Written by: Alex Bell, www.alexbellgardendesign.co.uk

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