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September Jobs

Find out what to do in your garden now.


Ornamental Garden:
  • Continue to deadhead.
  • Begin to clear leaves as necessary.
  • Keep borders clear of weeds.
  • Take cuttings of tender perennials.
  • Continue to deadhead bedding plants  
  • Plan for next year’s garden displays.
  • Collect seed from perennials / hardy annuals.
  • Start planting spring bulbs.
  • Lift and divide herbaceous perennials.
  • Start planting trees and shrubs towards the end of the month and move evergreen shrubs etc. while the soil is still warm.
  • Collect and get rid of any infected roses leaves.

Vegetable Garden:
  • Once the tassels on sweet corn has turned brown check whether the cobs are ready to harvest. When ripe the kernels contain a milky liquid.
  • Leave marrows, squashes, pumpkins etc. to ripen on the plant. Place fruit on a wooden board to prevent soiling.
  • Plant onions / shallots suitable for over wintering (on heavy wet soils spring planting may be preferable).
  • Continue harvesting fruit.
  • Harvest main crop potatoes.
  • Sow winter greens such as land cress, mustard spinach, corn salad and hardy lettuce cultivars.

Written by: Alex Bell, www.alexbellgardendesign.co.uk

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