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Getting your lawn ready for summer

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Lawn care is a year-round job, it's time to get your lawn ready for those all-important gatherings and BBQs!
Get mowing
We recommend the first mow of spring to be done on a high cut, on dry grass. Depending on where you live, the last week of March to the first two weeks of April is the typical timeframe for that first cut. By April, mowing will increase to every two weeks, then ten days, possibly even becoming weekly. Ensure you are mowing frequently from May onwards to encourage the roots to spread, which will help to block out weeds and fill any gaps.

Mowing will also help to remove any moss that has grown over the colder months.

Say goodbye to moss
If you still have some moss leftover after mowing rake the lawn by hand to remove the dead moss and improve filtration to the soil. 

We also recommend Viano Mo Bacter Moss Killer & Organic Lawn Fertilisera high potash fertiliser that acts on moss & reduces recurrence. Mo Bacter Moss Remover contains decomposing bacteria that break down dead matter (dead moss or grass cuttings) creating organic lawn feed.

Fill in the gaps
In late spring, you can overseed. This helps to thicken the lawn, in-fill damaged or thinner areas, improve the lawn colour and reduce weed and moss invasion. Dandelions can prove to be particularly troublesome for many gardeners. They establish deep roots in the soil and hence harm your lawn’s growth. Use a weedkiller or a dandelion weeder to eradicate this problem.

It's feeding time
Your lawn needs feeding too, using a specialist lawn fertiliser will help to give your lawn the boost it needs. 

Our best-selling lawn care products:

Now you have all of our top tips for getting your lawn summer-ready, all you need to do is to roll up your sleeves and get the mower out of the shed!

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